My Review of Injustice

19 Apr

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about a video game that recently came out known as “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. Injustice is a fighting game, created by WB Games and NetherRealms (creators of the Mortal Kombat series). It is based in the DC comic universe. If you happen to be a fan of DC comics, you’ll probably enjoy this game very much. If you liked the Mortal Kombat series, and if you liked MK vs. DCU, you’re going to love this game (which is about 100 percent better than MK vs. DCU, by the way).

Anyway, the game is pretty much Mortal Kombat only with DC characters. The art style is just like MK, and the character designs are exactly like those in Mortal Kombat. In my opinion, some of the characters’ designs were a little strange, like Harley Quinn for instance, they changed her costume and hair color too much for my taste, but they have alternate costumes to compensate, thank god.

The graphics could have been better, but it’s a seriously fun game, so I didn’t notice after I started to really get into it. I’ve seen a lot better graphics, even some older games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum are a little more detailed in the graphics department. But, like I said before, the graphics aren’t what makes this game fun, it’s the gameplay.

It is a great game to play with someone else. If you and a friend or family member want to brawl it out, just pick up your controllers and start up a versus match. The multiplayer feature is like any other fighting game, so I won’t get into that, but the characters are what make it special.

There is a story mode added to this game, and I’ll admit, it is a bit on the strange side. There is usually two of each character, each from a parallel universe. The normal good guy (and the Joker) characters are sent to that world through a portal, and in the alternate world, superman became a world dictator who, after a tragedy were the Joker nukes Metropolis and causes the deaths of his wife and unborn child, kills the Joker and believes that he can stop these type of things from happening by creating ‘The Regime’. Batman leads the insurgency and the heroes from the other dimension help to save that world from superman’s tyranny. I know pretty weird, right? It can be complicated at times, but the gameplay’s nice and simple, which makes it not too frustrating (I only threw my controller once, which is nothing compared to usual).

I definitely think this is a game, that if you are a DCU fan, you should at least give it a try. I may be a little biased, being a fan and all, but this type of game could probably be enjoyed by everyone. I had a lot of fun with this game, and so did everyone I know who has played it. A lot of work was put in this game to appease the comic nerds who really want an up to date game where their favorite characters can beat the crap out of each other. It was definitely a worthy buy for me, I hope anybody who is reading this review decides to buy this game, but I would read some other reviews first before taking my word for it, because like I said, I may be a little bit biased on my opinion. If you are thinking of buying it, I hope you have a great time! See you online!


Washington D.C. Traveler’s Guide

27 Mar

The District of Columbia is a popular vacation site that is known for its many museums, memorials, and amazing architecture. I have been to D.C. multiple times in my life, due to my dad being in the capitol police. I can probably tell you more about the capitol building than anything else; I’ve seen some parts of the capitol that visitors would normally not get to see. There are also many other things to see and do there, and it is quite a beautiful city, but that should be expected from the capitol city of the United States.

So to get started, I am simply going to name some of the many places you can go, and give a brief description, if you want to know more, keep reading, it’ll come. Probably the most famous sight to see would be the white house, (The home of the president, which I’m pretty sure you already know) I probably know just as much as you do about it; I’ve only been in there once, I think, when I was very young, because my mom had a desk job there many years ago. Then there’s the capitol building, the meeting place of the U.S. congress, legislature of the federal government. The Smithsonian museums are also very popular places to visit, the most famous museums in the country. There’s also Chinatown, which is pretty small and I doubt you came to the capitol city of the United States just to go see Chinatown, but if you’re hungry, the restaurants are good.

If you’re heading over to see more than one thing, I’d bring some water, and prepare for the long walk. Your feet WILL be sore, so be warned. You could always drive or get public transportation, but due to legal issues and traffic issues, it’s best to walk. You’ll need to bring money; it’s not a free trip. Make sure you have a map or a GPS, because navigating can be difficult. Bring anything you think you might need, like a mobile phone or something you believe will make things easier for traveling.

The Capitol building visitor center allows people to visit any time between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You can visit their website ( and book a tour; the details are on the site. There’s a mini museum you can visit that shows you certain things about the history of the building and the country. There’s also a movie you can see about the history of the capitol for an additional fee. The coolest thing there, in my opinion, is the dome, the painting on the ceiling is massive and beautiful, it’s as if you were staring up into heaven, and there are statues of famous historical figures surrounding the large marble floor, guarding the capitol of the country they once saved. It is something that you have to see to enjoy, so I highly recommend this trip for the whole family.

There is some great food in the city, lots of variety too. You would want to go to Chinatown if you want Asian food; they have some really nice Chinese restaurants there. There are nice Italian restaurants if you like garlic bread or pasta or the like. If you don’t want anything fancy, they have McDonald’s everywhere.

The Washington Monument is a popular tourist attraction. When you enter, you can take an elevator to the top if you want. I don’t recall ever going in, but I’ve seen it and I can tell you that it’s gigantic, I’ve stood next to it a few times and it is enormous.

There are many more attractions not listed in here, so my suggestion is, just walk around and note what you’d like to see, and if you have the cash, go for it! Have fun!

Kai Huber and the U.S. Marines

4 Mar

Kai Huber and the U.S. Marines

            Kai Huber is a neighbor and a friend of mine, and quite some time ago, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. It kind of surprised me at first, because he didn’t seem like the type of person who’d want that job (And I mean this in the nicest way possible). Kai’s not in boot camp yet, he still has a couple of months before shipping out, but his experiences with PT (Physical Training) might tell you something about the hardships you must face, and the requirements you must meet before even shipping out to boot camp. If you’re looking to join the Marines, or any other branch of military, then maybe, through example, we can help you figure out whether or not the Corp. is for you.

When I first met Kai, he was a nine-year old boy going through this military phase where he would shave his head, wear camo shirts, and play with toy guns. We used to play around and pretend to shoot each other; I was eight and he was nine. However, that phase seemed to be short-lived, as he used to tease me for wanting to join the military when I was younger.  He also became more of a hippie than anything else; he used to grow his hair out, listen to hippie bands, and have drum circles (the last two he still does). But all that time, he claims, “Joining the military has always been a subconscious urge of mine, it just took me a while to truly realize.”

It was around nine months ago when he made this decision, and even though PT has proven itself to be quite difficult, he is quite proud of his decision. Some of the main reasons Kai had decided to enlist was for job security in the future, and to keep himself in shape. The physical requirements; all of which Kai has met; for PT are 8 pull-ups, 75 sit-ups, and 12 minutes on a mile and a half; aside from the physical requirements, you need a 50 percentile range on the ASVAB, and mental stability. Some other physical workouts they do are burpees, crunches, planks, pull-ups, sprinting, long distance running, sun gods, and of course, the most famous of all, push-ups.

Kai has enjoyed PT so far; he likes the fun, social atmosphere of it. He likes to say “If you aren’t willing to physically push yourself past your limit, the Marines aren’t for you.” He is very much in shape, and I personally believe he will be a great Marine. His least favorite thing about PT is when people fall behind, and you have to go at their pace, instead of reaching your own full potential. One of his favorite experiences was when Sgt. Campbell worked the poolees (newbies) so hard, they were sore for 3 whole days.

The Military job Kai is trying for is COMCAM (combat camera). He has been taking filming classes at FCC, and when he was in high school, he took it at CTC. He is going to MOS (Marine occupational specialty) school to train further in that field. Filming is something he loves to do, he’s filmed a few commercials and promotional videos, and they seemed quite professional. When he gets out of the Marines, he’ll look in the direction of a video production career.

Kai hopes to get decent pay out of his job, but that’s not all he signed up for; he wants to get good stories out of his career, and experiences most people never get to have. Kai says to anyone out there thinking of enlisting in the Marines, or any branch of military for that matter, “Make sure you do your research, know what you’re signing up for, and give your life an inventory check.”


My personal goal

15 Feb
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My Personal Goal


I’ve always been a really lazy kid. I rarely went outside, and when I did, I usually had a handheld game at hand. Videogames have always been a huge part of my life, ever since I played the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis when I was around four years old.   Although I like some of the new games that have been coming out recently, none of them can beat the games I played as a young kid.

I have been the proud owner of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask almost ever since it first came out in the year 2000 for the Nintendo 64. It remains one of my favorite games to date and that probably will not change any time soon. Even though I’ve had it for such a long time, I haven’t completely beaten it until recently, like, one or two years ago or somewhere around there.

The game consists of 4 major levels and many side quests and only three in-game days (which isn’t really that long) to do them. When I first had got the game, I was NOT the best gamer in the world. It took me a while; I don’t remember exactly how long it took, to finish the first part where you have to find a way to turn back into a human. But eventually, I did get it and started to have fun with it. It took me about a year to beat the first level, because in-between that year, I moved to my current house and met a friend of mine who helped me figure it out. Which is embarrassing because he didn’t play video games at the time; “How could you not have figured that out, dude?” he said.

The second level took me forever, because I was stuck on a few parts that really confused me at the time. I eventually went on hiatus from that level, and just played the side quests or other games. I finally decided to try for the rest, because I watched a friend beat his, and I beat it. I believe I was in sixth grade when I beat the second level. There was this racing level where you have to become a creature called a Goron, and roll into a ball, you get a sword upgrade for winning. I hated it, I screamed at the top of my lungs every time I lost, my mom used to say “It’s just a game! If you keep this up I’ll take it away!” which she did many times. I still beat it within a few days.

The third level, the water temple was the one I really had trouble with. Even though I found a way to slow the time in-game, it wasn’t enough. There were many hard puzzles involving water currents that I couldn’t figure out. Eventually I stopped trying and just played other games until I got into the Zelda series again, years later.

I decided to use internet walkthroughs which slightly helped, but it still wasn’t enough, I kept running out of time. It took a few months, but I finally got through it, beat the boss, and went on my way to the final level. Before I attempted that, I tried getting all the masks, so I could trade them all in for the fierce deity’s mask; the strongest in the game. I got them all, plus all the health upgrades, within two days (with the help of walkthroughs).

I then decided to go to the final level, which was surprisingly easy for me. It took me only a few hours to complete and defeat the boss. I officially beat all four levels. So I went on to fight the final boss, Majora’s mask. Since I got every mask, I traded them to these kids for the fierce deity’s mask. Since the mask could only be used in boss battles, it made things really easy, and I beat the boss within 5 minutes. The game ended, I watched the final cut scene, and I was the proudest I’ve ever been.

I achieved this goal through years of hard work and determination, it may not be the most important goal anyone’s ever had, but it certainly made me very happy.